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Avis Car Rental Coupons and 7 More Reasons To Visit Dublin

Car Rentals, Ireland - Irish-Renter - January 18, 2018

avis car rental coupons - dublin

7 Reasons to Visit Dublin, Ireland

Ireland’s capital is an ideal vacation spot for families, partygoers, nature lovers and history buffs. With just over 500,000 people, it’s a compact European city that’s great value for money and close to the coast and miles of beautiful countryside. Here are seven good reasons to put Dublin on your vacation wish list.

Avis Coupons

Avis is quite the popular car hire in Dublin. There’s rental kiosks in the city centre, the airport, and more. Try using some Avis car rental discount codes when you get there to save some money.

Friendly Locals

Ireland is famous for its welcoming locals, and Dublin is no exception. With a wealth of traditional pubs and intimate guesthouses, striking up a conversation with native Dubliners is always a memorable experience. You’ll find locals are particularly proud of their city and happy to advise on what to do in town.

Delicious Food

Irish cuisine may not be as internationally renowned as France and Italy’s, but many are delighted to discover just how good the food is. Hearty stews are often flavored with tasty ingredients like bacon. Coddle, a famous example of Irish stew is associated with Dublin in particular. Also try boxty, a delicious type of pancake made with potatoes.

Close to Nature

Unlike many other major European cities, from the city center you can easily take a trip to the countryside or coast. Train and bus services will bring you straight to the popular beaches, and it’s easy to rent a car or bike and make the trip yourself. You’ll see breathtaking views and find out why they call it the ‘Emerald Isle’.

Lively Nightlife

If you enjoy a night out, Dublin never disappoints. With hundreds of pubs on offer, taking the time to savor a pint of Guinness or other national favorites is part of the Irish experience. If you think St Patrick’s Day is fun, wait until you experience it in its home. It’s not hard to find live music nights in many pubs and hotels around Dublin, either.

Literary History

If books are more your thing, then checking out Dublin’s literary past is a fascinating experience too. Legendary wordsmiths like Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett all called the city their home. If you love both literature and drinking, why not combine them both with the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl?

Cheap (or Free) Museums

Beyond its literary roots, Ireland’s past is a fascinating tapestry of Gaelic tribes, religious strife and the fight for independence. Explore the history and culture of Ireland in its many free museums, including the National Museum or Irish Jewish Museum. Alternatively, have fun at the National Leprechaun Museum or Guinness Storehouse.

Photo Opportunities

The surrounding countryside is undoubtedly stunning, but even within the city you’ll never want to put your camera away. Dublin is famous for its Georgian architecture, and also features two canals and many parks. If you enjoy cycling, take on the Three Rock cycle loop in Dublin’s mountains for fantastic views over the city.

Dublin is a perfect vacation spot that caters to all different tastes. Whether chatting with the locals over a Guinness or taking in the beautiful Irish countryside, visitors are sure to have a memorable time.



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