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Touring Across Ireland

Car Rentals - Irish-Renter - June 20, 2017

Touring Across Ireland

Ireland isn’t that large of a country but despite that it has some incredible landscapes, long stretches of beaches and some incredibly quaint rural towns to visit and enjoy some Irish hospitality.  You might be lured to Ireland to see the rolling green hills, castles and historical landmarks, or it just might be the Guinness.  Whatever brought you to Ireland doesn’t matter but if you want to see all those sights the best way to do that is to grab a rental car. Remember that you can get some great deals on accommodations as you travel around as well, check out for specials.

Traveling Across Ireland

To get the best experience traveling Ireland’s coastline and historical sites then your own transportation is best.  The roads in Ireland are wide and connect the smaller rural towns and villages, they may not be the highway systems that you are used to.  This means you can pull over any time you like and snap some pictures or just appreciate the beauty of the country.  If you want to stop and spend the night anywhere along the way, you’re perfectly free to do so.

Renting a Car

If you’re coming across to Ireland from North America the first thing you need to know is that many of the cars that are offered are a stick shift.  If you can’t drive a car with a standard transmission then make sure you talk to your rental car company first so they know you will need an automatic.  There are no shortage of rental car companies in Ireland.  Some are locally owned and operated and others are franchises of the bigger international companies like Enterprise or Budget.

No matter how you choose your car rental company it’s is still going to save you a ton of money compared to taking buses from town to town and then using taxis locally.  Tourist spots are scattered throughout Ireland and not all of them are convenient to get to without having your own transportation.  There is the Holy Cross Abbey, the Blarney Castle and lots of other national monuments that you should take the time to see for yourself.

Picking Your Car

You have options when it comes to choosing your car.  First specify if you need an automatic or not.  If you plan on traveling further than just Ireland than you need to let the rental company know that you need a car that can travel.  Most will allow you to go to Northern Ireland without any additional costs but if you want to cross over to the UK then there will be a charge.

Car rentals Ireland websites allow you to choose the perfect car. You are also given the chance to select a car that is allowed to cross countries. Most car rentals in Ireland are permitted to enter Northern Ireland free of charge, and United Kingdom for a minimal fee added to your rental dues.

Upgrades and Additional Equipment

If you plan on doing any camping or have lots of gear to lug around with you then see if you can book a trailer as well or even look into a van, bear in mind it will cost a little more.  On the plus side most car rental companies in Ireland include unlimited mileage so that’s an additional cost you don’t have to worry about.  Check into the hours and pick up and drop off times so you’re not stuck paying for an extra day for being an hour late.

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